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    Coach Dan posted an update

    Hey everyone,
    The Strong Life Community is completely inclusive and a great way to stay motivated and share your successes! Join as a member to be part of our growing community!

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Monthly Challenges

Hey Strong Lifers! I have some challenges for you this week. The week runs Sunday-Sunday. Once you've completed a challenge, hit complete and either send us proof it was completed (ex - step tracker) or post it on the comments board. You got this!!

  • Get outside for 4 walks/runs this week for a minimum of 30 minutes each
  • Complete at least 4 Strong Life Virtual classes or Personal Training Program Workouts
  • Here's a GREAT ONE - over the course of the week 400 pushups, 600 squats, 500 crunches - if you span this over 5 days ( 2 days rest) - it will be a "challenge", but you got this! (Completing the exercises in a Strong Life workout such as a Bootcamp count towards these totals)