Why Is Structural Balance so Important?

April 2, 2020

First of all, structural balancing is a variation of strength training that I focus on with my clients. I like to think of structural balancing as building the foundation of a house. Building a house on a poorly designed foundation will cause you all types of issues with the structure of your house. Your body’s structure works similarly. If you are not structurally balanced and start building on top of those “imbalances”, there is a stronger chance of pain or even injury. You may not see the negative results of being imbalanced immediately, however they are certain to rear their ugly head in the long-run.

Structural balancing ensures one side of your body is as strong as the other. For example; your front is as strong as your back, your left is as strong as your right exc. Assuming you’re right dominant, most people’s right arm is going to be stronger than their left. Something of this caliber may not have major consequences. However, what if your back is not as strong as your chest? In this case there is a strong possibility that this imbalance could lead to anterior rotation of the shoulder. This means your shoulders hunch forward which can lead to all types of back issues, shoulder issues and poor posture. Correcting these imbalances will not only improve your overall strength, but it will assist in your prevention against injuries and daily pain.

Correcting imbalances also helps with improving energy output. If we continue with the chest and back example, let’s assume that you have a great structural balance ratio of 1:1. With this optimal balance you will be able to produce more strength output in a compound lift. Therefore, completing an exercise like a bench press will yield much stronger results with a lower chance of injury. This proper balance ratio will also assist in correcting your posture throughout the day. Improving your posture has many benefits especially for those experiencing any sort of shoulder pain, lower and upper back pain etc.

The programs I’ve designed for the Strong Life members ensure that proper structural balancing is high on the priority list. There may be the odd time where a certain exercise seems trivial, however, it is important in the overall program to emphasize balance in order to optimize strength. Correcting any existing structural imbalances can take time. Being consistent over time will yield amazing results.