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September 30, 2020

  • Got in a treadmill walk and Bootcamp on Monday , walk and a HIIT of my own on Tuesday and a walk today and a bootcamp tonight.
    Great way to finish the month.

    I’m still having trouble getting screenshots from my watch to this board. I send them to Dan by email.

    • See you on bootcamp @reid3558 who’s is gonna win this month? Best of luck my friend!! 😉

    • My money is on you Karly! I’m pretty sure your workouts are more intense than mine😅

    • haha I dunno maybe some days but not so much others! Either way the competition has been fun and I love seeing others getting active. So keep killing it!!

    • Love this friendly competition you TWO! You are both super strong individuals. Randall it’s not about intensity, it’s about dedication!!! You both did an INCREDIBLE job at demonstration that this month. WAY TO GO STRONG LIFERS!

    • Love this banter!! Way to go leaders!! What an awesome example you set for this first month of points. You set the bar high and i LOVE IT!