WHY Strong Life?

September 10, 2020

Most people strive for success and grind every day, but without your health, we have nothing to give. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, health as always been a top priority to me. Even in my early days, I was always a gym enthusiast and participating in almost every sporting activity possible. As I naturally evolved into the fitness world, my understanding of the comprehensive health focus also evolved.

As my knowledge of the human body expanded, I realized, there was so much more that even I could have been doing to benefit my body as a gym enthusiast. However, as my knowledge of the industry and general public grew, I noticed that what most people are lacking is the Personal Trainer to keep them motivated, accountable and on the best program for their body. If you’ve ever attempted those workout regimes where you’re entirely responsible for your success, there was probably a point where you noticed a decline in motivation. My goal with Strong Life Online is to be there for our memers when that motivation diminishes so that they stay on track to achieving optimal health.

We’ve diversified the fitness programs available at Strong Life Online in order to appeal to every level of fitness. The Live Virtual Bootcamps require no gym equipment at all. Yet they provide 35 minutes of high intensity movement that will be sure to get you sweating. Since these are live, I sweat right along with each and every participant. I also am careful to demonstrate modifications for each exercise so everyone can gear the workout to their appropriate level of intensity. We’ve recently expanded these classes and launched some Live Dumbbell Bootcamps. These of course require some equipment, but bring more of a strength component to the virtual classes.

What we’ve noticed, is since there is a designated time that each participant is required to log in for, they’ve set themselves up for success by limiting the subconscious excuses that impede success. If you pick the classes that work with your schedule, then you have a component of accountability that will keep you on track in completing that physical activity.

In addition to the Live Bootcamps we also have Personal Training Programs. These programs are exactly what I would guide a client through if they were training with me at the gym. Therefore, members are sure to be guiding their bodies through a professionally designed program that will prioritize structural balance and maximize their overall output. Our most comprehensive and customizable program is found in Tier 3. This is where I can completely gear each workout program specifically for that member. So if they have an injury or modification that needs to be accommodated, their program is tailored to their needs. With regards to accountability, again I am able to see what is completed by each member. You’re encouraged to log what you’ve completed, track your progress including weight and measurements and log in frequently throughout the week. This is all monitored by Strong Life Online. So if you haven’t logged in for a while, you can bet I’ll be right there to get you back on track with all the motivation you need.

Finally, for all Strong Lifers, we have a points system that awards members for staying active, completing challenges and being positively involved in the strong life community. These points will accumulate throughout the month. The 3 Leaders at the end of the month are rewarded with discounts off future purchases. This is just a little extra incentive to keep you motivated each month.

For most people, our days are busy, really busy. We need a lot of energy to keep up with the pace of our days and we need the convenience of it fitting in our tight schedules. The best way to create that energy is by staying active and prioritizing at least 30 minutes of movement each day. With Strong Life Online, we make it as easy and convenient as possible to ensure you have qualified training programs and live classes available. The best part is these are available to you at any point throughout your day and there is no travel time. Strong Life Online is your solution to staying active efficiently with the benefits of a Professional Coach.

If you have questions about signing up and getting started, I’m always available to help. Email me at dan@stronglifeonline.com with any questions you have. Happy Lifting!